Specialized Training

Land Management is the process and structure by which Chief and Councillors, and Lands staff direct and manage lands, and resources, and environment on reserves.

NALMA is pleased to offer Specialized Training Sessions on the following subjects:

Additions to Reserves and Reserve Creation Toolkit

Intended to assist First Nation Land Managers, and other key stakeholders to navigate through the three phases of the Additions to Reserve, and Reserve Creation process.  The primary focus of this training is to provide participants with a clear understanding of the ATR/RC process and the First Nation’s role in developing their ATR/RC proposal.

Introduction to Land Management Toolkit

Intended for those who are not familiar with land management on reserve lands. Land Managers, and other key stakeholders are taught basic information to better understand the fundamental concept of land management and the influences effecting policy and procedures.

Land Regimes Toolkit

To provide an understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with opting into the Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP), First Nation Lands Management Act (FNLMA), and Self-Government Land Regimes.   This training also includes an overview of best practices for the set up of a lands office.

Locatee Leasing Toolkit

Intended to provide land managers with a greater understanding of the fundamental concepts of Locatee Leasing management to ensure the well-being of the community members and to protect First Nation assets.

Commercial Leasing Toolkit

This training is designed to provide an overview of managing commercial leasing on reserve. Participants will learn about the Reserve Land Designation processes, the benefits of a Land Use Plan, examine various clauses of a commercial lease, and best practices.

Reserve Land Designations Toolkit

Intended to assist First Nation Land Managers to navigate through the Designation Process.   This process is a critical and imperative part of setting aside Reserve Land for economic development and other non-traditional uses for extended periods of time.


For more information about Introduction to Land Management, Commercial Leasing, Land Regimes, Additions to Reserves/Reserve Creation, or Reserve Land Designation Toolkits, please contact Buffy Hill at bhill@nalma.ca


Land Use Planning Toolkit

For additional information about Land Use Planning Toolkit and other services, please visit the LUP & Survey page on our website nalma.ca/survey-and-land-use-planning

Environmental Management Toolkit

This training will provide participants with a general overview of Environmental Management on Reserve lands. Participants will gain an understanding of how to develop an Environmental Management plan for their community.

Survey Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to provide an understanding of surveys on Indian Reserves and the accompanying products, records, and systems.  The user will achieve the basic concepts of location boundaries, survey posts, making sketches, and surveying terminology.


For information about the Land Use Planning,  Environment, to Survey Toolkits, please contact Becky Wolfe at bwolfe@nalma.ca


Estates Management Toolkit

This training presents a number of common principles, best practices, suggested methods, as well as questions for your consideration when dealing with estates. The training provides participants with the basic concepts of estates management including wills, notification of death, settling debts, distribution of assets and closing the estate.


For information about the Estates Management Toolkit, please contact Buffy Hill at bhill@nalma.ca 


Matrimonial Real Property Toolkit

Intended to assist with the implementation of the Family Homes on Reserves or Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act (the Act), Matrimonial Real Property training sessions will provide information on the protections and rights available to individuals and families living on reserves, on the provisional federal rules, once in force, and an understanding of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.



Training Schedule

To view our specialized training schedule, and to register for a session, please visit our events calendar nalma.ca/events