Manitoba Uske (Lands)

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Manitoba Uske operates as a technical land management body. Uske’s main objective is to provide capacity building, training and expertise in the area of land management for First Nations Lands Managers in Manitoba.

Consequent objectives include developing an on-going communication and networking link of Lands Managers, developing processes for administering lands, and assisting Lands Managers with changes in policies, programs and situations. Manitoba Uske implements these objectives through professional and skill development workshops and to recruit participation from each First Nation in Manitoba.


The Mission of the Manitoba Uske is to share unique experiences and common interests in the area of First Nation Land Management, to incorporate cultural values and traditions, and to ensure that the Crown maintains it fiduciary relationship with First Nations.


Manitoba Uske Incorporated.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0R8
P: (204) 784-9420
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