Manitoba Uske (Lands)

Manitoba Uske operates as a technical land management body. Uske’s main objective is to provide capacity building, training and expertise in the area of land management for First Nations Lands Managers in Manitoba.

Consequent objectives include developing an on-going communication and networking link of Lands Managers, developing processes for administering lands, and assisting Lands Managers with changes in policies, programs and situations. Manitoba Uske implements these objectives through professional and skill development workshops and to recruit participation from each First Nation in Manitoba.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Manitoba Uske is to share unique experiences and common interests in the area of First Nation Land Management, to incorporate cultural values and traditions, and to ensure that the Crown maintains it fiduciary relationship with First Nations.

Through the participation, co-operation and sharing of knowledge and experiences relating to land issues within the Manitoba Uske and with other First Nations, progress can be made towards new initiatives in the management of First Nation Lands.


In December 1998, the former Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND), Manitoba Region extended an invitation to First Nations to attend a meeting to establish a lands technical advisory committee. The intent was to create a committee comprised of First Nation representatives with technical expertise in several areas of land management. INAC’s role on the committee was to act as an advisor to the Department and / or other First Nations on technical issues associated with Land Management.

As a result, there was a great interest in exchanging technical information on land management issues and Manitoba Uske was formed.
Manitoba Uske is a non-political organization comprised of Representatives from:

  • Department of Indian Affairs Lands Unit
  • First Nations with delegated authority (Section 53 & 60) of the Indian Act
  • First Nations in Regional Land Administration Program (RLAP)
  • First Nation in Reserve Land and Environment Program (RLEMP)
  • First Nation Land Management Act (FNLMA)

Goals & Objectives

The goal of Manitoba Uske is to provide a source of networking between Manitoba Region First Nations Lands Managers, INAC and the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association on land related issues, to create systems that will assist First Nations in all areas of Land Management. Guided by the following principles:

Develop an on-going communication link (INAC, NALMA, Regional Lands Associations).

To participate in the areas of policy (revisions, development) and procedures with regard to Lands Management.

To contribute in the growth of developing a fair and consistent professional process for administering First Nation Lands.

Manitoba Uske effectively and efficiently assists First Nations in exchanging current information on projects, policies, developments, by-laws, court cases and processes relevant to land and resource management.

This exchange of information allows Manitoba First Nations and their Lands Managers to develop strength through information and experience sharing. It also provides a forum for Lands Managers to discuss local, regional, provincial, national lands management topics and the impact of these topics on the lands managers and their First Nations.

Manitoba Uske executes their objectives by:

  • providing capacity building, training and expertise in the area of land management for Lands Managers in Manitoba
  • providing professional development workshops with up-to-date and relevant information
  • tailoring training to Manitoba Uske members
  • developing and supporting on-going communication and networking links
  • operating as a non-political technical body
  • assisting INAC with input into land management policies
  • offering tools and systems to manage lands
  • recruiting members from First Nations in Manitoba
  • introducing professional expertise in the field

To view Leona Irons presentation provided to Manitobe Uske at the May 29-31, 2018 meeting, please click here NALMA Update: May and June

Contact Info

For additional information about Manitoba Uske (Lands), please contact:

Patricia Mitchell, Chair
Manitoba Uske (Lands)
c/o Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation
Phone: (204) 801-9897

Manitoba Uske Administrative Hub
100-200 Alpine Way
Headingly, Manitoba. R4H 1C8
P:  (204) 784-9420
F:  (204) 784-9422