How to Become a Member

Becoming a Member of NALMA

First Nations belonging to their respective Regional Lands Association are automatically members of NALMA. A membership fee may be required to join your Regional Lands Association. Membership fees vary from region to region.

Associate Memberships:

  • Where no Regional Lands Association exists, First National Lands Managers may apply for a one-time cost of $150.00
  • If you are not a First Nation Lands Manager, but have an interest in Land Management and share similar values and goals as our organization, you may apply for an annual cost of $150.00

The NALMA Board has placed a high priority on the establishment and continued support of the Regional Lands Associations. In essence, the Regional Lands Associations constitute the structure of NALMA. The National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association, together with the Regional Lands Association share the same goals and objectives.

Our Member Services


NALMA provides a channel for successfully networking through open lines of communication, knowledge sharing, and the establishment of partnerships and strategic alliances across Canada.

Training and Professional Development

NALMA provides training and capacity building for First Nation Lands Managers to attend various training programs.

Technical Expertise

NALMA is able to provide technical expertise in the area of land management to both First Nation Lands Managers, First Nation organizations and government agencies. NALMA hosts an impressive collection of resources within the member access, Resource Library.


For First Nations Lands Managers requiring assistance on day to day land issues or general inquiries, NALMA will refer them to Regional Lands Associations, individual First Nation Lands Managers or government and professional agencies.

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