NALMA Resource Library

Good Morning NALMA Members!  We are working very hard on the NALMA Resource Library, and assure you that it will be up and running very soon.  In the meantime, if you have a specific lands question or are looking for resource materials, you can contact Melanie Jacobs-Douglas at the NALMA office.  We appreciate your patience!



10th National Conference – Prize Winners

3 Grand Prizes were awarded to registered conference participants (land managers), who completed and submitted their overall conference evaluation form.


Prize #1:  Magnetic Pin Locator

Edith Spence, Opaskwayak Cree Nation, MB

IMG_8228  IMG_8232IMG_8420


Prize #2:  Garmin Montana 680 GPS

Yvonne Wienert, Osoyoos Indian Band, BC

IMG_8218 IMG_8225 IMG_8413


Prize #3:  Phanton 3 Advanced Drone

Deanna Ryder, Carry the Kettle First Nation, SK

IMG_8244  IMG_8421 IMG_8429




10th National Gathering – Regional Lands Association Challenge

Each of NALMA’s 8 Regional Lands Associated were tasked with determining the distance between 2 fixed points, by pacing only.   The winning Regional Lands Association was announced on the final day of the Conference…

IMG_6670 IMG_6948 IMG_6951 IMG_6956 IMG_6961 IMG_6982 IMG_6988 IMG_6992 IMG_7009 IMG_7032 IMG_7049 IMG_7949 IMG_7962 IMG_7974


…..and the winners were the
First Nations Lands Managers Association for Quebec and Labrador (FNLMAQ&L)!!!